Accurate, Dependable Onboard Scales From Loadman

The original onboard weigh system, Loadman continues to lead the industry for accuracy and reliability. Accurate within +/- 1% of true weight, Loadman allows faster loading cycles while eliminating overweight fines in trucking. Supported by Loadman’s advanced Fleet Management software, there’s a Loadman system for every application in:

  • Waste Management
    • Front-end refuse trucks
    • Rear-load refuse trucks
    • Roll-off trucks
    • Sideload refuse trucks
    • Mine haulers
    • Forklifts
    • Bulk Hauling
    • Transportation
    • Logging

Frontend Refuse Trucks:

With hundreds of units working in the field, Loadman Front End Systems offers the most accurate, tough and reliable system on the market today. Fully dynamic “weigh on the go” technology requiring minimal driver intervention to operate the scale, with no required changes in the driver’s loading patterns. Loadman provides reliable, accurate weight measurements each and every time allowing the customer to better manage his fleet.

Available option: – Onboard printer for hard copy record.

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Take Full Control:

Powerful Fleet Management Software tools keep you in touch with reality at a very low maintenance cost. The software supports GPS data from onboard weighing systems allowing real time mapping of your fleet, customers, drivers, routes, etc. When loading on location, accuracy becomes paramount, payload converts to bottom line revenue for all transportation operators. Management Information is critical. Knowing your loads, costs, efficiency, and profitability in real time gives management a competitive edge in management of their hauling fleets.

The Loadman system allows fleet managers to track Drivers, Trucks, Customers, Routes, and Products by Account or Job. Each load carried in your fleet can be tracked with a Time and Date stamp, Weight, Product Hauled, Start and Finish Times, Driver, plus more. Collected load data is transferred directly from our In Cab Meters into our DataBase. Load data can be drilled down by Dates, Customers, Account, Driver, or other fields, then exported to popular computer programs.

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