Load And “Weigh As You Go” With Loadrite

Loadrite introduced the original fully dynamic weigh-on-the-fly scale system for wheel loaders, excavators and forklifts, bringing a new generation of productivity to the aggregates, mining and bulk-handling industries.

The world’s #1 Wheel Loader – More Loadrite Wheel Loader scale systems are sold worldwide than any other brand.

The easiest to use and the most accurate, subsequently the worlds most popular.

Quote from a large Ontario Aggregate Producer running several Loadrite Wheel Loader Scales.

With a Loadrite scale on board, loader operators can accurately measure their loads without pausing to check their weight. Fills trucks and hoppers faster, mix bulk materials more efficiently and capture load data effortlessly.

The complete Loadrite Weigh Management System includes:

  • L2180 Load Weighing and Information System
  • LP950 Plug-In Printer
  • LD940 Material Management System

Improved Accuracy, More Control, Lower Costs!

Precision weighing (±1%) means loader operators can fill every truck to its legal payload with no risk of costly overload fines, weigh-bridge fees and vehicle damage due to overloading – and with no delays to re-weigh at the gate!

Payload data is captured and stored in the system automatically; easily print out tickets and daily production reports. For comprehensive reporting and analysis of all Payload Data, the optional Loadrite Material Management System can store data over longer periods, then simply transfer the data to a computer for further processing. For example, combine information from the Loadrite system with your loader’s maintenance records to analyze equipment efficiencies and operating costs.

Loadrite systems can mount to most styles of hydraulic lift equipment including all makes and models of front-end loaders.

L2180 Load Weighing and Information System
(download PDF brochure)LP950 Printer
(download PDF brochure)X-Weight 2350 Load Weighing and Information System
(download PDF brochure)

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