Monsoon Dust Suppression And Odour Suppression Systems

Over 60 years of experience in turbine-driven equipment has made Monsoon today’s new leader in mobile dust suppression and odour suppression systems.

Monsoon models are economically priced to allow even the smallest operation achieve a healthier work environment for employees and happier neighbours around the worksite.

Ideal for projects near residential areas, Monsoon dust suppression systems efficiently atomize and diffuse water droplets to minimize water consumption.

The same Monsoon process allows even distribution of odour-eating agents into the mist for effective, economical suppression of unpleasant odours.

With flow rates ranging from 2.5 to 20+ gpm, Monsoon units are easy to move to and around the jobsite.

Want to know more about these products, click here for a PDF file on the Buffalo Turbine System for demolition, transfer stations and recycling operations.

Call or email our knowledgeable sales team to quote on your dust- and odour-suppression needs.